Sunday, May 25, 2008

More pix

More cousins photos. I just can't believe how awesome my nieces and nephews are. My sister home-schools all of them, although Alexa, the oldest, is attending a charter school for the first time this year. (A very prestigious and difficult to qualify for charter school) I am totally awed by what my sister has accomplished. Four kids who are smart, sweet, grounded, follow the values and ideals that the bible teaches us, and who are genuinely good people. This is the greatest legacy a person can leave. Children who grow up to be great people. That makes my sister truly great, in my book. 

Two little boys, exhausted by a long day, falling asleep at the restaurant, and both sought out their big sisters to hold them. Does it get any sweeter than this? 
Dana, my sister, I love you so much, but more than that, I would love to be like you. You have dedicated yourself to raising wonderful kids. The piano lessons, dance lessons, swimming, cheer-leading, etc, not to mention the humor you share with them, the love of God, the empathy for all living things. You are a role model for me. I feel guilty for working and short-changing my kids now! (Then again, if I stayed home my kids wouldn't get wonderful lessons as much as they might get locked in the dog run...Hah!) And the gorganzola pasta. OMG was that good! I tried to make it but it just wasn't the same. Even Levi told me it wasn't as good. LOL! You have to come teach me!!!! Pleeeeze?


dana said...

You are the only one that can see all of my failings and still talk so wonderfully about me. It is funny, all of the praises you have for me are what I have for you. YOU are the awesome one and I wish I were like YOU! I adore you and your beautiful family.
Love you!

happykosmo said...

Hey Wendy, it's heartwarming to see all these pics. Your family looks so sweet. The boys look like fun loving criminals. KIDDING!!!! LOL! Bet Levi and his cuz could stir it up!


Wendy said...

Fun loving criminals is the PERFECT description! My sister and I shared stories of what those two have gotten into and we were amazed they are so alike. We could share stories for hours about those two little criminals!