Thursday, May 22, 2008


The next teenage sensation, sweeping the nation, let's give it up for KG Nelson!!!! (That's her new stage name. Cool, huh?) Of course, this is the kid who just told me, 'Don't blow this all out of proportion, Mom'. Darn, I was already planning her red-carpet moments.....And not to be outdone by her sister, we have the lovely, the talented, the moon and stars, Miss Ashley!!! Ashley is wearing a stunning little black number purchased in a panic the day of the big event after it was discovered that the only dress she had brought with her resembled more of a swim suit cover up than evening attire.
And last but not least, modeling the latest from Janie and Jack, is Master Levi. He may be young but he already has the model pose, right down to the pursed lips. (Do you think maybe he spends a little too much time around his sisters???) I love this girl. She has really blossomed in the past year.

Shopping. The best thing evah!!! Of course 4 year old boys need to bring along an action figure to keep them entertained.

This is a perfect photo depicting the shopping experience. Notice how each of their faces tells the story....

Getting beautiful.

My wonderful brood. Each a completely unique individual.
And more getting beautiful. (There was a lot of this going on)

There's Ghetto Barbie! I knew she was around here somewhere. I love the look on Levi's face. Ghetto Barbie is shown here after corrupting her cousins. Good job! Isn't that an incredibly adorable bunch of kids! (I may be a tad bit prejudiced, but seriously, aren't they all adorable???)

Meet Angus and Chloe, their 2 Great Danes. I am so totally in LOVE with these dogs. (Or maybe they are small horses???)
More pix later...


dana said...

Wow, what cute kids!!! Some really great jeans (I mean genes) are thriving in that lot!
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pics. Beautiful children!! Glad you all had a fun time!


Rachel said...

What cute kiddos! Love your great danes!