Friday, May 23, 2008

Cousins Day

Levi was so excited to meet his cousins that he kept asking every day if it was Cousins Day. He can be a little timid sometimes, but the moment he met them he acted as though he had known them all his life (when in fact this was the first time they had met)
My nephew J is 6 years old and about the most adorable thing ever. He swims like a fish and we had to double up Levi's floaties just to make him able to try and keep up. (Maybe I should have gotten Levi one of those spray-on tans before we went so the sun didn't glint off of him so much)They say everything is bigger in Texas, but that is the biggest turnip* I have ever seen.
*actually a dead palm tree upside down.

The oldest two, Z is 13 and A is 15. Both wonderful, adorable, smart kids, but who didn't pose for as many pics as the smaller kiddos. These two are amazing.
Frick and Frack keeping themselves entertained. These two were inseparable.
He bears a striking resemblance to Howdy Doody here.....

These cousins are so much alike! Why can I never get a normal smile.....

Six of the cousins. Ashley didn't get to stay the extra days so we were missing her!!!! And then there's PBJ and Ahren....but that's another story.
Dude, my Superman totally can kick your Batmans tail.
Best buds.

My niece, T age 8, is on the left. They call her Princess T and she is delightful.

Scary CA gang chillin at the mall.
Three peas in a pod.

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Anonymous said...

Really cute pics of everyone, yesterdays too. Your other daughter is so pretty too, she has such a warm smile.