Saturday, July 25, 2009


They accepted our offer on the house on the island and we spent the day back at the beach today while they got the inspection done. It's nothing spectacular (and believe me there are some really spectacular homes down there) It's on a canal. This is the view of the back.
This is the kitchen. Very nice. All the furnishings, appliances and kitchenware are staying. 
The view of the bay from the deck. 
The view down the canal from the deck. We close on Friday and plan on spending the weekend there next weekend. I have a list a mile long of things we need to get to take down there.

  I haven't seen the fawn for over a day. I have seen some fawns, but none with a collar and leash. It might mean someone did catch it and get the collar off, or that it is hung up somewhere in the woods. I contacted the local paper but they didn't respond. I am getting the story into our subdivision newsletter, with pictures. Hopefully the guilty party will see it and read that it is illegal to capture a deer! If we see it again, I have a plan to catch it. I am going to sacrifice my garden. I will leave the gate open, lay in wait and when he and his mama slip inside the fence I will slam the gate shut and lock them in. Then, we will have to lasso the fawn, pull it to the fence and reach thru and snip the collar (or unbuckle it?) Chris is at the feed store right now buying extra deer food and treats.....

Answers to questions: Candy is doing well. Nothing can keep her down for very long. She has a naturally bubbly personality that cannot be contained!

I don't know if I can use my home-made detergent in the front loading washer. I have been too chicken to try it, with visions of a bubbling catastrophe in my head.

Yes, Katie models professionally. She has a fitting and photo shoot next week for a formal wear ad. She doesn't make much money but she has fun and that's what counts. 


Gina said...

Hi Wendy! I love the house! Wow, right on the water too. You'll have to post more pics once you close and the house if officially yours! Congratulations!

Now, onto the sweet little fawn. I do hope he somehow got free from the restraints and is not somewhere hung up or injured. I do have a request and it's a BIG one. Could you PLEASE get the capture, lassoing, etc. on tape? I have GOT to see this. It's too bad that animals can't understand human 'talk', because I think you may need it once Momma Doe sees what's happening. I pray all goes well freeing the fawn but I just can't help but think you may be eligible to win $10,000.00 from America's Funniest Videos if you video this and send it in. Please wear protective gear! Oh my goodness, I can see the NATIONAL headline now:
Texas Mom Gets Beaten Up By Angry Doe As She Tries To Save Her Fawn From A Collar And Leash. You just can't make things like this up!

Best of luck with the house and catching/freeing the fawn from it's 'prison'. Have a wonderful weekend!


Vanessa said...

LOVE the house!! Is this going to be your weekend getaway place? My hubby wants to invest in a camp on the water too and we may later down the line!

Marianne said...

Congratulations on the beach house. I am sure your family will create great memories there. You are lucky to be only two hours away, that will make it easy to spend time there often. I've always dreamed of buying a house at the beach...unfortunately living in the middle of the US, it isn't very practical because we wouldn't be able to get there to enjoy it often enough. So, we settle for renting one a couple of times a year and are leaving Friday to head to Topsail Island in NC.

Paula said...

Forget Hershey , Idlewild and Sarris We're coming to YOUR beach house !!!!!