Saturday, July 11, 2009

Extreme heat causes insanity

Well, it was another 100+ degree week with the addition of some humidity that made things even more unbearable. The garden withered up, I picked the last tomatoes today. Even with daily watering it was just too hot. Only the watermelons are still going. Poor garden, I had such high hopes this year. 

So what is a group of the 6 and under set to do to keep entertained while cooped up?

For one thing, you can wear your new motocross helmet to watch TV! 

You can play endless games of 'weed'. (Mina calls it the Weed, not Wii!)

Even Holly can play the Weed!

And then, when the heat has completely fried your brain and you are buy cheap make-up at the dollar store and play Beauty Parlor. (This kept them entertained for an hour at a time on several different days. Who'd have thought....) And yes, I am keeping these photos for future blackmail purposes. Bwah hah hah hahhahhhahhh. Snort.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I LOVE it! What great pictures!!! That should keep them in line for the entire teenage years. LOL


Mamita J said...

So, Wendy, now your kids are on weed?!?!? Ha ha ha.

Vanessa said...

ROFL!! Those photos work wonders too because I also have some of my son from when he played princess party with his sisters!! LOL