Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Birthday Boy

Guess who is 6 years old?
You guessed it, Levi!

We aren't celebrating his birthday until this weekend but yesterday we did have a little cake, some balloons and a few small presents to honor the day.

Peeking thru the presents
Sparkler candles add that special festive flair.
Uhh, I think this means it's good...???
Monkey see, monkey do. He had to make a face for the camera.
The joys of blue and green icing. Good thing I didn't get the Spiderman cake.
More funny face. He is definitely a comedian!
Levi got Star Wars movies from Holly so last night we had a pizza and movie night. It was awesome!!!!!

Look Mom, it's Darth Vader!


Julie said...

Happy Birthday Levi!! :) What a cutie!

supermom said...

Happy happy birthday Levi!