Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh my Queen

The other day Levi and Mina decided to play dress up.  Levi put on a knights costume complete with a long sword, and Mina was his Princess. Levi declared he was the Dark Knight and was protecting his Princess from the evil people. 

Ahren was following along with  he game but not wearing a costume. I wasn't sure what his role was, so I asked. He told me, "Weevi is the knight, Mina is the Pwincess and I am the Queen!"

Well, it was a Fairy Tale.........

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Dana said...

Your whole family makes me chuckle! I am so glad that we are not related to you... OH! Jonah sure misses Levi and wants to see Ahren so badly!!! The thought of the three of them together just scares me!
Love you!