Sunday, October 05, 2008


Finally, I got some pictures to load! It took several hours yesterday, but Voila! The trick is to just walk away and ignore the computer, as opposed to my smacking it upside the hard drive!

Silly boy, loving his boots. He was dry all weekend (except while he sleeps) but keeping underwear or a pullup on him is a challenge. He runs around yelling 'Makey' (nakey) in his all-together.

Our dear friend Kimberley brought Ahren a coming home present. It included this really cool foam rocket launcher. You stomp the air bag and it sends the rocket flying. Chris taught Ahren to use his bottom to get more power. He now does a lovely butt-flop on the air bag.
They quickly figured out they can aim it and proceeded to attack all unsuspecting sisters!
Hmmm, I think he might be a little big for the swing. Did I tell you that he came in at the 80% on the American charts?
Katie gave Levi some candy that happened to be Extreme Sour Pucker something or other. I laughed so hard, but I got my picture first!
This is why playing in the sandbox while still wearing a diaper is NOT a good idea. Ouch!!!!
Levi kissing Ahren. Ahren is letting him but keeping one eye on cartoons.


Candy said...

OH sweet boy Kya would love to come over and run around MAKEY with you...HAHA( oh wait only while you are under 5...HA)...she is loving the Makey right now...she had her first pee pee accident last night while running around Makey...SHE WAS NOT SO HAPPY...she kept saying MOMMY CHANGE ME...I was like KYA there is NOTHING to in the bath tub we went!


dana said...

I love seeing the normal, everyday, ins-and-outs of a busy, happy family. For so long this is all we longed for and I almost cannot believe that it is true!! It makes me laugh and cry. What a silver lining!!!
Love you!

Vanessa said...

He's so adorable and it seems the boys are doign so well together!! Nothing sweeter than double trouble!!

Your favorite child- Ashley:) said...

whres the pictures form our photo shoot?