Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Barn Raising the Newfangled Way

We are finally getting our barn put up. It has been a long, drawn out process. First Chris visited many different barn manufacturers. Steel frames, wood frames, pole barns, kits, etc etc. Who'd have thought barns came in so many varieties? Then, once he found 'his' barn people, he had to pick the size, height, doors, color, roof, covered patio, etc. After that, we had to submit the plans to the homeowners association and wait for approval. They rejected it the first time because we didn't have a drawing depicting all 4 sides. Got more drawings, re-submitted the next month and finally we were approved. After that, we ordered the barn and it took several months for the pieces to get manufactured. Finally, they are putting it up now. 

The deer gave the barn two hooves up!
If it looks really large, well, that's because it is. The measure of a man is the size of his barn!
My boys helping with chores around the house. I love them sooo much!!!


Angie said...

What will put in the giant barn? I bet you can't wait till its all done.

Vanessa said...

With a barn that big if you ever kick him to the dog house he can always sleep in it:)

Kim said...

Jay always says, Big House - Wife in Charge - Big Barn - Husband in Charge. :) (our barn is still smaller then our house)

Sara G said...

WOW, that is some barn!! It will be FULL before you know it.
Take care.
I really enjoy your blog. Your family is beautiful!

dana said...

With a barn like that, what man would ever come into the house... I hope it holds a shower!
Better hurry on that barn building, Mom & Dad are on their way...
I just love to see a boy with a vacuum - is my color off or is it pink!!
Love you!

Wendy said...

A PINK vacuum? That would totally rock, but no, it's yellow. My beloved Dyson. I would marry it if I could.