Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life in the countryside

Yesterday started like any other day. Wake up, shower, dress, etc etc. At 6:30am Nanny comes through the door, only she isn't her normal chipper self. She is hobbling and in pain. Her knee is all swollen and terribly painful. Change in plans! I will work from home and help her out with the wild indians.

Mid morning, she mentioned a couple of things we needed from the store, so Levi and I decided to head out to get them. We merrily hopped in the van and off we went. As we apprached the major intersection near our house, strange things started happening. Police officers were running through the road with guns drawn. A large pickup truck was parked on top of a small black car. A man in handcuffs was lying on the ground. Cars were stopped at crazy angles all over the place. This is the country, the suburbs of the suburbs. The biggest news around here was when a local boy won Grand Champion at the Fair.

I cut over into a turn lane and got the heck outta there. Thirty minutes later, as we came out of the store, we saw Life Flight hovering overhead and I assumed it had to do with the wreck. It hovered for several minutes then took off in a different direction. Interesting. We loaded up and headed home.

We got back to the intersection (only way to get home) and now there are 30 plus cop cars (I am NOT exaggerating) there is crime scene tape strung all over the place. There are CSI type people marking spots on the road, taking pictures and making measurements. There are news helicopters overhead and news crews set up along the road. The police direct us around the tape and we head home to turn on the news.

Here is an aerial shot of what we first saw.

Turns out they tried to do a planned stop of a wanted felon and he tried to run. People in his car began firing at police, who returned the fire. They ended up shooting all 4 people in the car and killing the driver. As you can see, the car ended up ramming itself under the big truck. (I wonder what the heck the person driving the truck thought as the police were chasing and shooting and wham, they were in the middle of it!)

The other half of the story is that one of the news copters crashed while covering this story killing 2 men. That's why the Life Flight copter took off in the other direction, to respond to the crash.

So for one day life around this quiet community was pretty exciting. A little too exciting. And we got a little too close to it.


dana said...

It gives me goosebumps to think how quickly or quiet lives can change. One minute you are off to the store and the next ou could be the guy in the big truck... I am glad that you are all safe. I am glad that you did not leave for the store a few minutes earlier.
I love you, and belated Happy Birthday!!!

your favorite daughter, ashley:) said...

where are the family pictures.
i want to see them now!

Vanessa said...

Oh my goodness!! That's a lot of excitement for a small quiet town!!

I live in a small town too and word travels fast when we get a hint of action!

Anonymous said...

OMG Wendy, that's one of the wildest stories ever. I'm so glad you and Levi hadn't left just few minutes earlier or ya'll could have been like the black truck. So much for living in the country where nothing ever happens ;)

emleonard11 said...

Heard about this on our news. A pretty scary situation. Glad you made it home safely. Elaine