Thursday, August 15, 2013

Winding Down to the Start of School

 Around these here parts, we are giving it our best last hurrah of summer.  Squeezing in every moment of fun possible, seeing all our friends and getting ready to settle back down into a routine. Next week we will get haircuts, get backpacks ready and go to Meet the Teacher night, but this week we party!

Does this happen to anyone else? I go to clean up the kitchen and find all sorts of things that do not belong there. See this pile? That is from one day. A rock, a dirty sock, a helicopter, a couple of dart guns, legos, video games and a pencil sharpener. Is the kitchen the magical center of the universe where stuff that has mysteriously disappeared then suddenly reappears there?

 Aww, such a pretty kitty. She keeps us all laughing all day long. 
She wears the bell so we can keep track of her....

..and try and keep her out of trouble. Her nickname is The Tiny Paws of Doom. 

 Playing with a tag

 Sticking her nose in my coffee cup

Attacking the blinds
 See the Paws of Doom in action

 Found the spool of string

She is everywhere!

 What happens when you give a boy toast? Yup, he wears most of it.

How do you clean him up? 

Easy Cheesy chicken enchiladas. 
Flan with caramel on the bottom for dessert. 
Double Yum!!

 Hanging out with friends. 
(It's been in the 100's this week so we play inside as much as possible unless it involves water)

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Reba said...

That was our week last week...winding down. I started back this week; the kids start next week. I am going to miss the "lazy" days of summer (and not worrying about who was misbehaving at school :). I have that kitchen problem at my house too. And then it is really a mystery because nobody steps forth to claim anything...sigh. I am surprised by your temps. We are having one of the mildest summers ever. We are getting rain often and today's high was in the 70's I think...unheard of for us in August!