Sunday, August 25, 2013

We are Awesome!!!

Buster is now official! He is a credentialed service dog, trained in therapy of persons who are traumatized, in crisis, and emotionally needy. He has worked with kids with autism, trauma, and abandonment issues and adults suffering through traumatic times. We took him shopping with us the other day in his service dog uniform and he did so well. Kids ran past him, ran up to him and shouted in his face and he never moved except for his wagging tail stump. Plus, Jonathan was his handler and he did an incredibly wonderful job and was the best behaved he has ever been. Its a win-win and the perfect solution for my anxiety ridden child. 

 Ahren has been struggling with his asthma the last two weeks. He fell asleep on the floor in the middle of the day, that's how tired he has been. Sweet Buster kept him company. (Can that be comfortable?)
 Here is the next square (2 of 6) of my Lion Brand slip stitch throw. This one went twice as fast and I discovered some mistakes I made on the first square. Oh well, it's still going to be just as soft and warm....
 Ashley moved into her very first apartment at college. It is absolutely lovely. We made it a family affair  (maybe that was not such a good idea....) all of us giving her many hugs and kisses.

I am making my very first attempts at healthy lunches a la bento boxes. 

Sushi, carrot and cucumber sticks, red grapes and cookies.

 Chef salad with mozzarella, turkey, croutons
 romaine, carrots, cucumbers and ranch dressing
 Turkey sandwich, cheese stick, home made pickles, greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and spicy pretzel chunks
 Turkey sandwich, same yogurt, ranch dip with peppers, cucumbers and carrots for dipping and cookies
 Crackers with cream cheese and turkey, grapes, home made pickles, chips and cookies
 Blueberry pancakes, turkey sausage with maple syrup, fresh grapes and cucumber strips

All of these meals were approved by picky kids in my household. 

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