Sunday, August 04, 2013

Random Catching Up

The kitten, now named Beatrice, is growing quickly. She is the perfect match for this crazy active house. She gets along with all people and animals and keeps us entertained constantly. Here is her favorite perch, behind Levi's head, when he is playing the XBox. 

 Ahren lost another tooth, his first upper one. That makes 3 teeth gone. Other kids his age have lost a bunch, but he and Jonathan are on the slow track. Maybe they are waiting for inflation to catch up to the Tooth Fairy?
 There has been a lot going on in my kitchen lately. Lots of new recipes to try, lots of culinary adventures. And apparently a little planking.... (By the way, he informed me that planking was no longer cool. How does a 10 year old know this???)
 Beatrice trying to figure out what I am doing. Almost every picture of her is in motion. Every time she sees me with the camera she comes running to investigate, leaving me with crummy pictures.
 This is what is on my needles right now. It is the slip-stitch throw by Lion Brand. It came as a kit so I just have t follow instructions. It is knitting up very quickly and I am almost done with the first of 6 squares that stitch together to complete the throw. I'm not sure I did everything correctly, but it still looks cool.
 Here is after a little progress. The colors are a bit different. I think if I had designed it I would have stayed with all earth tones but in the end it all goes together beautifully. So what do I know? The designer definitely knew what they were doing.
 Ornery boy lounging in bed. His legs have been hurting a lot in the last couple of weeks and he has been staying in bed a lot. I think a growth spurt is the culprit. I need to measure him to tell for sure. He seems taller, though and he is eating 5 meals a day. Full meals, not just snacks. Then for a snack he will fix a huge bowl of cereal and still be hungry.
 This boy loves the animals. I am still struggling to put any weight on him. He eats a lot but he just burns it all off. He is on what I call the 'Scrawny Kid Diet'. Extra protein, real butter, cream in his hot chocolate, and a glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast every day. He just keeps getting taller! He grew almost 2 1/2 inches in 3 months early this year.
 And finally, my sweet Buster boy. That is a face only a mother could love. Best dog ever!


Reba said...

One of my Guatemalans is going into fourth grade and has only lost three teeth. They actually did an x-ray at one point to see if she had permanent teeth. :) Then my other Guatemalan lost his first three in kindergarten and currently has five teeth loose (going into first grade). Either way, Tooth Fairy is broke at our house... I sure wish one of mine would be sweet to pets. I have one that cannot be gentle with our pup no matter what we do. It is a constant source of frustration for me...

Anonymous said...

Adorable pics! Love buster! :)