Monday, August 05, 2013

Knit Knit Knit-Wit

Those who know me IRL (In Real Life) know that I love to knit. Something about keeping my hands busy without having to pay too much attention allows me to actually sit and relax. Otherwise I cannot sit still. There is a distinct possibility that I am ADHD. (Ya think? LOL!) Knitting allows me to funnel that energy overflow into something useful. Well, a little useful. I like to kbit hats and scarves and mittens but I live in southern Texas where they measure the temps below freezing by the number of hours. Not the best knitting use environment. But that doesn't stop me!

I told you about the slip-stitch throw by Lion Brand I had started. It knits up very quickly. Don't look too closely because I made a few minor mistakes. I left them in because they add character, this is a learning process and my native American heritage believes that only the Gods are perfect and we as humans should never attempt it. Plus I suck at ripping back and picking up stitches. 

Here is the first square of the throw. I have not woven in the ends or added the border yet but you get the idea. Each of the 6 squares is the same pattern with different color combinations. It is BIG. That is a cell phone next to it for comparison. This square took me two weeks from start to finish, working about an hour a day. It is going to be a fairly large throw when finished. 

 And because I cannot focus on only one thing at a time, I decided to cast on a wee baby blanket for my future grandchildren. It is a pattern of my own, which looks like a window pane, using three colors of Bernat CottonTots. It is super soft and washable. Mmmm, babies. But I can wait. Besides, I need plenty of time to knit and cross stitch and sew before the first baby makes it's appearance. Mmmmmm...............babies........


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

AND you knit? I am an addict as well. Currently working on a log cabin blanket and slip stitch table runner. Love the look of your block!

Anonymous said...

Love that throw! Like you, I like to knit - learned to do it in Sweden. Keeps my hands busy. But unfortunately, I'm a process knitter, not a project knitter. Means I have many almost finished projects around the house. I was able to knit a few scarves as Christmas gifts last year.

Also love all your animals. That Boxer is the cutest very.