Sunday, April 24, 2011

1000 OMG!

  We went to the birthday party of a dear friend yesterday. The little guy is also an adoptee and turning 2 years old. Coincidentally, he looks just like Ahren at that age, so he is a fave of mine! We had games and fun, cake and singing. Ice cream, an egg hunt and lots of good times. We then retired into the house for the opening of presents. All went smoothly, which is amazing given the number of small fry in the room. Once the presents were finished, the kids began to play and the adults to talk.

  There was a toy box full of the little guy's toys and the kids began to explore. Just as the room came to a lull, Ahren shot to his feet, holding a small battery operated back massager in his hand. He then loudly, and quite clearly announced,

  " This is a vibrator!"

  My mouth fell open and my head fell to my hands. The group began to guffaw with hilarity. Lots of comments were sent my way accounting for my taste in early education and the importance of basics.  I am never going to live this one down.

Post 1000, at my expense!



Reba said...

Hooray for you! I remember my 1000 post...I didn't get one comment that time. :( I still haven't recovered. So I am making sure you get one. Oh my goodness, how least for everyone else. :) Happy 1000 posts! Here's to many more!

Anonymous said...

LOL! :)

gail said...

Out of the mouth of babes.... lol

Happy 1000 posts. Look forward to reading the next 1000.