Thursday, December 09, 2010

Prescribing the Behavior

Oh these adorable little RADlets. They are so very..........ummm..........funny! There has been one technique that lately has worked wonders. You know how it is, though. What works great today won't work at all next week, so we are riding the wave of 'prescribing the behavior'.

Here is what I think it means, or at least how we do it. When a child is spiraling into a negative behavior, I immediately begin telling him to do exactly what I don't want him to do. I actually ORDER him to act out in whatever way he was slipping into. Whining? You need to whine louder, like THIS (insert loud obnoxious Mama whining, complete with body contortions and funny faces) When Seth was starting to hit himself the other day, I immediately got him and gave him a lesson on how to hit himself correctly. More force, aim for the head, etc.

It works for us. The boys end up laughing or doing the opposite of what I am telling them to do. It takes a lot of focus and imagination on my part. I have to catch them just as they begin falling apart and I have to catch them off guard. But it works. That is the best part. Wahoo!!!!


ManyBlessings said...

I need to try that with my little rager who always seem to ramp up his behavior this time of year. Oh the joy. Hahahaha!! :)

Diana said...

I've heard this works for many people. I've tried it many times, but have yet to really perfect the technique enough to see really effective results with it. Sometimes it works, but most of the time, not really. Maybe they're just on to me now. I dunno. At any rate, though, if it's working, KEEP DOING IT!!!! So often I see people continuing to do stuff that doesn't work just because they don't know what else to do and/or they aren't willing to try anything different. Its refreshing to read about trying something different and having it work enough to add it to the "keep this tool" aresenal of tricks.

StefB said...

This has definitely worked for me, but I usually forget to use it when the maddening behavior begins!


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