Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Miracles of Christmas

Unbelievably, the boys have had several really good days in a row. Wednesday we went to lunch with friends and all their kiddos and they all sat in their seats, played and laughed for 2 hours while us mama's chatted away. Then Thursday we went to lunch at Chris's office party and again they were all happy and well behaved. Yesterday was a very low-key day. We concentrated on traditional Christmas Eve stuff like hanging our stockings and putting out the snack for Santa. We went to the early kid-oriented church service and again, they were perfect. Seth was so cute. He kept looking at the clock and whispering to me that Jesus was almost here. He was so disappointed when I told him Jesus would not be making an appearance. We spent the car ride home talking about the real reason for the season and how Jesus lives inside of our hearts.
After we got home they all changed into their Christmas jammies and we had dinner. We were planning on fixing hot chocolate and driving around looking at lights but it started to storm so we opted to write letters thanking Santa and letting him know how much we love him. Then it was 3 boys tucked into bed and watching a Christmas movie. They all fell asleep pretty easily.
This morning we had to wake up the two little guys to start the festivities. Santa had indeed come during the night. I will have pictures and more details later, for now I am focusing on how well everyone is doing. We are dragging out the presents throughout the entire day. First was Santa, then later stockings, followed by breakfast, then presents from grand parents. Now we are playing with what they have opened so far. The rest of the presents have to wait until Kaytee and Ashley get here from their Dad's house. Miraculously, there has not been any whining and begging to open the rest of the gifts.
After we open gifts we are having a traditional Danish holiday meal then we are going to watch the new movie they got from Grandma and Grandpa J and then off to bed.
Why are my little guys doing so well? I honestly have no idea. I am not doing anything differently than I usually do. We are staying very close to home, keeping things as consistent as possible and trying to head off blow-ups whenever possible. It must be a Christmas miracle, that's all I can say.

And, for a true Christmas miracle, we got an e-mail from the US Government that on their recent trip to Guatemala to work with authorities there to try and complete all grandfathered adoption cases ours was still listed as open for Peri Brynn. We were told that in the fall of 2008our case was closed by PGN, but the other Guat agency that was created to do adoptions, the CNA, is the one that is working to complete all old cases and ours is one of them. I can't even type this without crying. I was in such a good place finally accepting she was not ours and now, do I dare to hope? Can I handle one more small child with serious issues? If, by some miracle, we get to bring her home, we will find a way to handle it and never look back.


Reba said...

Oh, Wendy, that just gave me chills...I know what my heart hopes will happen but pray that God's will be done. I am so glad that things have been good the last few days. Today has been good, so hopefully (dare I hope)...we are on our way to normalcy? :)

Angie said...

What a wonderful CHRISTmas for your family!

Deb said...

How wonderful to have the boys behaving and enjoying the holiday. My prayer is that they continue with this positive behavior.

I can't even imagine how you must be feeling about PBJ. I will be praying- is there anything else that you need? What else can I do for you.

Love and hugs,

PS- this came to mind "love always hopes". 2 weeks ago, my pastor spoke on how prayer we have given up on are just a moment ago to God and that answers can come long after we think there will not be an answer. Remember, God's timing is not our timing and he is walking with you, carrying you. He gives you strength and wisdom.

Love and hugs again,

Diana said...

Love those Christmas Miracles! My boys had a pretty good day yesterday, too. There was a little stuff, but there always is. For the most part, though, they did really well. The real test for us on how well they REALLY handled it will come today as we officially begin the process of winding down and letting go of the holidays for another year.

Don't even have words for PB's case. God is amazing! If it's supposed to work out, it will...and if He brings it to you, He will bring you through it.

whtmtnmom said...

OMG, Peri Brynn's case might still be open?! If it meant to be, you can do it! Glad your boys have had a couple good days. Decmeber as a whole has been way too rocky here. Like backwards about a year. Hoping as things quiet down, we'll get to a better place again.

Love your blog. Keep on posting!

Rhonda said...

What an awesome Christmas gift!! Will be praying for you guys :)

ManyBlessings said...

oh good lord my heart just stopped....


Whoa! What an aptly named post!

So happy for all of you to have had such a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and HOPE!


Sherman Unkefer said...

What a wonderful Christmas gift! You are really blessed!

Amy said...

Wow, I have a huge lump in my throat as well as many tears clouding my vision...I can't even believe/understand this. I pray that the path be made clear for you.
Glad to hear you all are having a wonderful Christmas with the boys. I can't wait to see pics.

Susan said...

What amazing news about PBJ. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.