Sunday, December 05, 2010

Checking in at Chaos Central

Every day is a party around here, with three boys and two puppies and a partridge in a pear tree. Both puppies are super good with the kids, and the kids are super good with the puppies!

Buster, especially, has to be right in the middle of everything. He has turned out to be the absolutely perfect dog for us.
Yesterday was our annual subdivision's Storytime with Santa party. Our little friend Mina has gone with us every year, so it's a 'tradition'. (Been trying to teach the kids what that means) We waited patiently for Santa to arrive in true Texas fashion.
He comes on a wailing fire engine! Hey, when you don't have snow you have to improvise.
Once everyone is inside, Santa reads The Night Before Christmas and then Mrs. Claus leads everyone in singing some carols.
Santa and Mrs. Claus had all eyes riveted on them. Even though we knew this was just one of Santa's Helpers, he still did a fantastic job of reading the story.
Mrs. Claus turned the pages while Santa told the story.
Then it was time for the big event. Sitting on Santa's lap! Ladies first, of course. Isn't she adorable!
Then came my crew. Quite the lap-full for Santa! Of course we had to have the matching outfits so everyone could tell they are 'brudders'. Unfortunately it was very hot yesterday and my choice in Christmas wear was a bit warm, but we survived!
There was face-painting and ornament decorating, plus goodie bags from Santa and lots of cookies. By the end of the festivities the boys were getting a little wild-eyed with sugar and excitement.
Still, a great time was had by all. What a treat this is, since it is free to all of us in the subdivision and it is small and very personal.
Oh, and Santa? Thanks a lot for the noisy whistles in the goodie bags. Mommy now has a high-frequency hearing loss after the ride home in the van.
Everyone keeps asking how Ahren is. Well, he is Ahren! Adorable and ornery. He gets tired easily and has stopped riding his bike or climbing up the play fort, but overall he is still the happiest little guy. He is unaware that anything is wrong. Yesterday he had the ladies at the ornament station making them for him! He has a knack for getting people to do whatever he wants. He bats those long lashes and shines a little smile, and they will eat out of his hand.
Our house elf, Jingles, has a shout-out for his cousin Elfy at the Smith house. He says to tell him congratulations on the cushy gig. Those quads are so easy compared to the Terror Trio that jingles has to deal with! He also says he will see you, Elfy, at Aunties house for Christmas dinner. He is looking forward to some Elfin Cake!


Mina's Mommy said...

We had a lot of fun yesterday with you guys! Yes, a tradition... and Munchkin looks forward to it every year! It's special to her, to be able to do that with the boys! And I LOVE how the boys listened to my instructions to keep blowing those whistles until you got all the way home! Ha! :)

Lilith said...

That's an awesome tradition to start. I had to giggle though at the picture of Mrs. Claus turning pages, she looks bored out of her mind. LOL

Amy said...

Oh my gosh, our elf shares names with yours!! I hope yours fares better at your house than here. My 3yo already threatened to kill him. I don't really know where that came from. I think she's worried about all the "bad" he will report.