Friday, December 17, 2010

Mega Picture Post

Yesterday we had our annual children's holiday party at our house. Each year we have more kids and each year we do more activities as the kids are getting old enough to participate. I missed our company holiday dinner but since I had this scheduled long ago and it was at my house, I couldn't exactly cancel it. I wouldn't have survived the wrath of many small people.

The day before I got up super early and baked sugar cookies. I made them extra thick so that little hands would be less likely to break them while decorating.

Yesterday, we started off with Christmas Tree decorating. Our nanny Rhonda got these cute little foam-decorating kits for each kiddo. Super easy and non-messy. It was the perfect craft to kick off the party.
Little Miss Holly clapping for herself congratulating herself on her mad tree-decorating skillz.
Our smallest guest, Henry, cleaned up on hugs and kisses.
There was a bit of silliness, started by this boy. He gets that from his father.....
Holly followed suit with the silliness. Sorry Em, Levi taught her several silly things yesterday. She is now a budding class clown.....
Our original Nanny, who is nanny Rhonda's mother. She watches Holly and henry every day while Rhonda is in charge of the Terror Trio here. (Henry getting more snuggles)
Ahren shows off his finished tree. He did it mostly by himself and seems to have quite the artistic talents.
Levi gets his hands on Henry and gives him a squeeze.
Seth doing his best to annoy his sister. He kept leaning over and blowing on her face.
Holly announced she was a Princess and wore the tiara to decorate the gingerbread house. The boys listened to her instructions and did everything she said. That makes her a Magic Princess in my book!
Then we colored reindeer ornaments with washable markers. Again an easy and fun activity with very little mess factor. This is Ahren's ornament. He colored it all by himself and did a great job for a 4-year old.
Seth doesn't have the artistic talents so much, but what he lacks in artsy-ness he makes up for in energetic participation.
There was lots and lots of excitement. Everything occasionally got crazy, even Ahren's hair.
Levi and Kaytee getting in some hugs. These are two peas in a pod in every way.
Holly wanted to hang her ornament on our tree, but we convinced her to take it home for her own tree. (Yes, here eyes are really that shockingly blue)
Nanny couldn't help herself and had to 'touch up' Holly's ornament.
Such a sweet happy boy. Even though he is only 1 year old, he hung with us through the whole 4-hour party, smiling the entire time.
The completed Gingerbread house. We sent it home with Holly so she can nibble-nibble-nibble on it. We already have one for us.
Holly catching some snuggles with Kaytee. That seems to have been the theme of the day. Hugs and kisses!!!
We got pizza and made everyone eat before we started decorating cookies. We knew that there would be a large consumption of sweets during that activity and did our best to get some good food in their tummies first.
Holly really got 'into' her pizza. She won the prize for eating the most, three pieces of a medium pizza!
Next it was time for cookies. We had tons of sprinkles and frosting. It was a sugary free-for-all of the best sort. (Seth's shirt reads 'Santa it wasn't me')
Levi's first cookie is dedicated to Jesus Christ (That says JC on the cookie) Awwww......
Holly put a little frosting on a cookie, then ate a little frosting. Put a little candy on, then ate a little candy. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Nanny tried and tried to keep her hands clean but it was a losing battle. Rhonda and I just laughed at Nanny for even trying!
Ahren showing off his red tongue from licking his red frosting. He learned from Holly!
We gave Henry spoonfuls of white frosting and he ended up 'glazed' like a donut.
And then the silliness hit again. I am Mr. Mustachio and my side-kick Poncho.
And of course Miss Holly followed along. Thank goodness kids wash.
After clean-up it was time for presents. You can't have a party without presents!
Henry got the assist from Rhonda but did a lot of the tearing of paper himself.
And presents were followed by goodie bags. Rhonda helping Seth with his bag.

Overall it was a fantastic party. Seth really struggled and I will write more about that later. He even told me today that he had fun yesterday but that it was really hard for him.

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