Thursday, July 01, 2010


Yesterday was better....still a few struggles. But today? Today was much better. I hugged, I laughed, I gave out compliments. I thought out side of the box! Little S was bored and getting ramped up so I gave him a fly swatter and sent him on a mission. He tracked down flies with a vengeance and I applauded every move. He was loving it! I told him he was the best fly hunter ever and he absolutely beamed, not to mention he killed a ton of flies (let in by little boys who left the back door wide open yesterday)

I was still annoyed. Annoyed someone dumped red punch all over the newly cleaned hall bathroom. Annoyed that I only got to sleep for 4 hours last night, in 3 different places, and resulting in a serious crick on my neck. Annoyed that one child cannot eat a birthday cupcake without turning half of it into crumbs that spread over 50 square feet of space. Annoyed that I say the same thing each and every day and some children cannot understand the rules. Sigh...

Better. That's what I have to concentrate on. Better. One step, one crawl, one millimeter at a time.

Keep on huggin!

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Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

Keep plugging away, you are an awesome mom and an awesome friend! Thank you for your wonderful advice, sorry I haven't had a chance to write back (Umm, a little hectic here)...I will write soon and get you updated!!! Keep Smiling....Keep Smiling....Keep Smiling! (Did it work...LOL!)