Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beach Vacation 2010

We had to take a vacation on the cheap this year. Five kids, my loss of income, the economy, and one kid headed to college all added up to vacation at our beach house. We invited my awesome friend Gabby and her two boys to spend it with us, which provided lots of entertainment for all of our boys.

We swam in the canal (carefully and with lifejackets)
There is still debris from hurricane Ike down there.

I love action shots!
Beautiful girl.
This little man is a FISH! And totally fearless.
How happy does this boy look? My sweet little guy!
We pulled the tubes with the jet skis all over the bay. That is Kaytee driving, me spotting, and Ash hanging on for dear life.
We did lots of tubing. And lots of swimming, and fishing, and beaching, and well just LOTS.
Jet Ski Kaytee.
The area of the bay we go to is shallow enough for us adults to stand up in. That makes it so much easier to load kids in and out of tubes, etc.
Even though it was shallow life jackets were mandatory. Safety first!
Remember how I talked about how last time at the beach this young man could not follow the safety rules and ended up way deep? Well, I gave him another chance and guess what? He ended up way too deep. I had to run out through the surf and rescue him as he began to get washed over by the waves. The rest of the trip he had to wear a very uncomfortable flotation device at all times at the beach.
Kaytee sunning and smiling.
All five boys chilling and playing video games. When we needed a break from sun and sand this is how they unwound.
Oh, and lots of goofiness. Did you expect anything less from my crazy gang?
Ash teaching Levi how to pose with a tude (attitude).
Levi caught a fish! We put it back in the canal. We love to catch the catfish but if we are going to eat fish it will be in the form of frozen fish sticks.
More later.


Deb said...

You guys look like you are having lots of fun. Love the water kids pics!!!

Love and hugs,

Angel said...

Looks like fun to me!

Jakarta said...

hello, your blog looks nice ^^!
I hope you gain more success in the future.