Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ups and Downs

Like most things in life, parenting is full of ups and downs. In the midst of the generalized chaos I call home, there have been some bright spots.

We celebrated Levi's 7th birthday. This child is amazing. He started Kindergarten last year not even knowing all his letters. (He spent the two previous years in pre-school, but was adamantly against learning his letters) By the end of the school year he tested out reading at a third grade level. Yesterday he was playing a new Wii game and read the following out loud. "Metallic objects may be blasted by the Bounty Hunter fireball to earn bonus points". He then explained to me what it meant. He has also begun reading the funny pages in the newspaper every day and he understands most of them. It amuses me to watch him sitting in Daddy's recliner quietly giggling as he reads along. (Just like his father, I might add!)

Our puppy Buster started obedience training and is the class star. The trainer told me he is the calmest Boxer she has ever seen. Dumb dog fell asleep on her shoe during class. She was trying to show us a training technique to get a dog to lie down and settle. Well, he settled down alright! She was talking and he just slumped over asleep, head on her shoe. Too cute! (Is it odd I consider raising a puppy to fall into the parenting category?)

Ashley is coming down tomorrow to stay for a while. Yeah! Man I miss that kid!

We passed the 6 month waiting period to adopt little S and I now just need to get a hold of our attorney, pay the fees and get a court date. It had slipped to the back burner with all the other stuff going on, but I need to get on it this week. We will get a court date very quickly. Another big YEAH!

After 24 loads of laundry in one week I am now caught up! I did all the bedding, towels, clothes, rugs, pillows, etc. Every washable item in the house got cleaned. This is my way of trying to control some of my environment. I also super-scrubbed a bunch of tile and wood floors and re-sealed them. They take a beating and needed a new coat of sealant. Boy do they look good....for now anyway.

And one certain highlight of this week was the warm Ghiardelli dark chocolate brownies with a scoop of ice cream I had one evening. Bliss in a bowl. Sigh.....


Reba said...

Good to hear some ups! I think the last one is my favorite. :) I have tried those brownies, but I eat a Ghiradelli dark chocolate with caramel square (chilled in the freezer) every single day. Yum. I hope you have a wonderful week!

Dana said...

I have said it before, you are amazing! I could not do all that you do and still be alive. I do not even want to try. I love you more than green dressers and orange carpet!