Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Musical Beds

A Poem
by a
Tired Mom

Come little boys and lay down your heads
Comfy pillows adorn your sweet beds

May sweet dreams fill your night
and you awake rested to the morning light

Darkness falls and all is calm
silence fills the wait for dawn

Then a cry splits the air
followed by another pair

I lay with one to calm them down
then switch beds - it's round and round

Go to sleep my little boys
before Mommy flips and burns your toys

Never once do they call for Dad
Can't decide if that makes me mad

They love me a lot and depend on me too
but when do I get to sleep in this zoo?


Angel said...

OH!!!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS!! I love it... So sorry that you were inspired to write it. HUGS! Angel

Deb said...

Wendy- you have a gift. Now about the boys sleeping. I am thinking a trip to the north to visit might be in order. that way daddy is all they got for a weekend. Come on up.

Love and hugs,

Reba said...

Poor Mom. :( I hope you get some good sleep tonight. I have often joked that I am changing my name to "Daddy" because my kids will walk past Daddy to come and ask me a question he is quite capable of asking. (He really is an involved dad, so I am not slamming him) Oh, to be needed. :)