Friday, October 23, 2009

ZZZ's do a body good

At 4:30m am central time one small curly headed tot turned our household upside down. Apparently he had woken up and come into our room to find me. Once he had sufficiently 'patted' me enough to insure I was awake, he began to list his demands. He wanted to lay next to me (not a problem) watch TV (Um, NOT going to happen) he wanted Coke (really not going to happen) and he wanted me to tickle his back (I am still trying to compute the last two demands thru my sleep-fogged brain). 

I said, No, it's time to go to sleep. It is still night time.

For the record, that was the WRONG answer.

The holy mother of all fits ensued, waking every member of the household, even those located on a different floor of the house. He screamed, he kicked, he spit, he cried, he thrashed, he rolled about so that I was totally expecting pea soup to spew from his mouth and his head to spin around. 

I finally got him somewhat settled but by then we were all up for the duration. The consequence for depriving the entire household of much-needed sleep? He had to take a nap this afternoon. Normally this is the most-horrible of punishments but today it totally backfired. He climbed into his bed without a peep and was asleep in less than 2 minutes. The rest of us did NOT get a nap, so now I am wondering if he will be waking us up again because he isn't tired......that would totally suck. I do not do well sleep deprived. That is an understatement. Tomorrow might well be a very interesting day. 


Anonymous said...

Sometimes all the talking in the world won't do a thing .
Maybe a good old fashioned spanking will make him think twice before throwing a tantrum .
I know this won't be a popular anawer but I honestly don't know how you do it .

Deb said...

hey- he and Aidan must be sharing a brain right now. he threw a fit at bed time- acutally it has been going on all day according to my sister- everything is setting him off. Apparently being sick is bad for his mental state and there is more drama in our house that he is feeling. But tomorrow is a new day.

Love and hugs,