Sunday, October 18, 2009

Daddy's Boy and Roomba Wars

This sweet/goofy/ornery boy got to sleep with me last night. That's not unusual when one parent is gone. It's a traditional special treat for the little ones. But last night turned into a necessity. Ahren managed to lock his bedroom door and I couldn't find the one and only key we have to unlock it. I called Chris and it turned out he had it in his pocket. LOL! Now THAT is a safe place! Here he is in his improvised jammies. Mommy's T-shirt. He loved it!
So over the course of the night, I became convinced that Ahren is a Daddy's Boy. At 10 pm he woke up and asked me, "Where's Daddy?". I told him at the deer lease and he went back to sleep.
At 11pm he woke me up to ask, "Where's Daddy?".  I told him and he went back to sleep. 
At 2 am he woke me up, and you guessed it, asked me where his daddy was. 
And at 3 am, at 5 am, at 6 am and at 6:40 am. Tap, tap, tap.....Where's Daddy? 

Now you might think that I am sitting here slacking on a Sunday morning, but Nooooo, I have harnessed the power of the Roombi (plural for Roomba) If you look closely, you will see that our original 2 Roombi have multiplied (They really should warn you about that!) We now have FOUR! Three regular and one heavy duty. Yes, we really are that dirty....

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Reba said...

I have been toying with the idea of a Roomba...I think you may have sold me. I need something. Our kitchen (especially the breakfast area) is always a mess...