Thursday, October 08, 2009


Ashley attended her very first high school dance. When she showed me her dress I said, Oh No, you have to take it back. It is waaaaay too beautiful. You cannot leave the house dressed like that!!! She just laughed. But seriously, isn't she gorgeous!!!!

Katie lavishing cheer love on her brother.
Katie asked me to dress the boys up and take photos of her before Homecoming. Isn't that sweet? Ahren does this face if you ask him to smile. Little goober!
Levi got too hot and ditched his dress shirt before the photos. Good intentions and all.
As the hummingbirds passed through on their fall migration they discovered our house and swarmed my feeders. I would see 30 or more at a time. Catching a picture is a difficult thing.
Katie and her star quarterback boyfriend jordan. They are such a sweet couple. 


Vanessa said...

You have some beautiful children.

Anonymous said...

One picture of me.


Shanti said...

Your kids are so beautiful! Oh, and I LOVE that pick of the hummingbirds--amazing!!

DFNY said...

What beautiful children you have. I love all of the shots. Can you post more of Ashley close up in that dress? She is all grown up, isn't she? I love the background in her picture as well--looks like a professional photographer too the picture of a model. Hope Ashley and Katie had a great time at their dances.


Dana said...

My nieces are so beautiful! They sure take after their Aunt!! HA! Tell them to stop growing up!
Love You!