Sunday, July 07, 2013

Vacation Post 1

In typical crazy-Wendy fashion, I planned our big vacation for the day after my last day of grad school, and two days after my last day of work. That left me a lot of time (ahem) to prepare to take 3 small boys in a car trip over 900 miles away. We drove to Iowa to visit my side of the family and to spend a couple of days at a resort/amusement park to celebrate Levi's 10th birthday. 
Here are a few pics of rides at the amusement/water park. I didn't take these, I copied them off their website. I was too busy riding and screaming to take pictures that day. 

My Dad loves rocks. He studied geology in college and has passed his love on to his grandsons. We came back many pounds heavier due to the number of rocks we brought home with us. 

 We came back many pounds heavier due to all the yummy food we ate too. Thanks Mom for feeding us so well. The boys ate like little piggies the entire time, loving everything and asking for seconds and thirds at most meals. 
 The night of Levi's birthday we were at the resort. All the family came and we had pizza, cupcakes and birthday presents. The interior of the inn is filled with pools and water activities. A large retractable roof covers it all. Our room was a suite on ground level poolside. We could sit and watch the boys play and swim while surfing the internet with our feet up. Now that is what a vacation should be!

 Levi is finally old enough in our opinion to go with his father to the deer lease and hunt. He is signed up for gun safety classes (a must!) and he got all of his hunting clothes, boots and orange safety vest for his birthday. His favorite? This hat. He has been wearing it constantly.  (Not  sure what he is doing in this picture.......)
 Rockin the hat.
 There was a lot of relaxing going on, in between the mad dashes around town to see sights and visit family. I will post more later. We packed in a ton in one week. Not to mention the ugly head of RAD popping up sporadically......


Dawn said...

Well hey!!! I recognize that amusement park!! I practically grew up there!!! :)

Reba said...

So glad you had fun, even with RADish moments (which are so common on vacations but I never get totally used to them). Love how seriously Ahren is checking out the rocks!