Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday? Really???

Things continue to perk along here as usual. I have several job leads but am being picky (cuz I can). In the meantime I am tackling many projects around the house and enjoying myself immensely. 

Levi and I made home-made lasagna, including home-made pasta. All the kids cranked away on the pasta machine, but only Levi stuck around to build them. We made three 8x8 pans, 3 layers deep. Enough in each pan to feed us twice. Two went into the freezer and one into the oven. Yum!

 This is serious work. Have to get the layers just right.
 I usually pack my kids lunches for school. I like to choose the foods they get and give them lots of variety. The school lunches are better than they used to be, but they are bland and repetitive. This year I am trying something new. I had read about these bento-box like lunch containers and thought I would take a shot at it.
 The website is full of ideas for healthy lunches plus the pieces are all designed to work together.
 I got three of the insulated boxes (three different colors) one for each boy. 
The containers fit down inside the box with room on top for drinks, etc.
 I purchased three sets of 4 bento-like containers plus one set of 8 small sauce containers. That way I can make several days worth of lunches at a time. The containers then get washed but the boxes stay clean. I organized all of the items under the island where I can pull them out and assemble the lunches. It all looks and sounds so convenient but the proof will be when I put the system to the test. The biggest thing I am worried about is not getting the containers back from school. I just know someone (ahem - son, I am looking at you) will throw them in the trash can even though I have said not to a thousand times.
 Meet the newest member of Chez Chaos. This is 'Who Dat' the cat (that is the name she came with, not sure it is going to stay). She is a rescue, 9 weeks old, and hilarious. Huge personality in a tiny body.
 Buster lurves her so much!!!!! (He only gets supervised time with her since she is so tiny still)
 What a beautiful little girl. 
 And to whichever child/children decided that the place for spent bubble gum was under the dining room table, I have just one word for you. Paybacks. Someday you will have children and I will make sure you fully enjoy all the curious surprises that I have.........plus a few new ones!

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