Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Venting makes everything better

  I am much more peaceful today. I guess blowing off some steam makes everything better. Now if I could just find someone to therapeutically slap I would be on top of the world. Any volunteers????

  What I really need is a good long ride on my horse. Nothing but the sounds of the saddle creaking and his hooves hitting the trail. A ride that will cleanse my soul and leave my body sore in a good way. Too bad I barely have time to feed the big guy! Oh well, soon I will have time. I just need to hold on for a little less than 2 weeks....

Funny things around my house:

Levi asked me the other day what a dowager was. He had been watching Downton Abbey! Then we asked him if he wanted the pizza birthday party package at the resort we are staying at over his birthday or to eat in the restaurant. He asked if the restaurant was nice and I said yes, and he picked that. Fine dining over pizza.....???? But the kicker was when our friend Lizette was going to stop by with her 8 year old daughter the other day. Levi got up early, cleaned his room, brushed his hair and teeth, put on clean clothes and sprayed himself with Axe body spray. All on his own......because a girl was coming over. He is 9 years old and going on 21.

Ahren is going through some sort of phase (at least I hope it is a phase because if it isn't I am really worried). He asks the dumbest questions, things he knows the answer to but asks anyway. Like this: "Is that breakfast?" as I am cooking dinner. "Is Daddy here?" when Daddy is sitting in a chair 10 feet away. It is really odd, like he is disconnected from the world around him. He has asked his fair share of silly questions in the past, but this is different. He really seems confused and lost. Good thing he is so cute.....

Seth/Jonathan/Seth is on a summer binge of high level activity. We don't medicate him during the weekends, vacations and summer and this year he is showing his true ADHD energy level. he is doing much better controlling himself, but he has his moments. The other day I stopped by a spa that my friend works at and we were discussing keeping skin looking young, etc. I mentioned that I turn 50 in a few months and she told me how fab I look. (Yay!) On the way out of the shop, Seth looked at me and said, "Mommy, I didn't know you were that old. Don't worry, I won't tell anyone." I am still cracking up over that!!!


Reba said...

I know those boys keep you in stitches (and on your toes :). I had to laugh at the Ahren questions. My daughter (who is pretty bright and does well in school) asks those kinds of questions ALL of the time. I don't know why...have never understood it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you're doing better! From a kind place, I have to say I am worried that Seth will experience cold turkey withdrawals of his meds. Even some doctors do not understand the powerful, altering changes these drugs cause in the brain. Meds always needed to be tapered superrrr slowly or the synapses in the brain go crazy. You don't have to take my word for it. Also, google kindling and cold turkeying medications. You're a very smart woman so please do a Ron of your own research, don't listen to doctors. They've never tapered off of these things and probably have normal sympathetic nervous systems. Kids who have had trauma have overactive systems. Their fight or flight gets stuck on. I mean all this very sincerely. My best to you both :)

Anonymous said...

I meant do a ton of research. Excuse all typos. Autocorrect, touch keyboard I can't used to :)

Wendy said...

Thank you. I am shocked that I never considered this. That may be one reason he seems so super hyper right now. I will certainly do some research. Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Wendy - I wish i could go riding with you again. It has been years since I have been on a horse.

Congratulations on your new degree. You are my hero (heroine??).