Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Art Project Fail

We had a little friend over today, Mina, who we have known since she was only a bump in her mommy's tummy. I decided to do a special art project. I had picked up solid colored t-shirts for each of the 4 kiddos and fabric paint supplies. I got everything set up and told the kids to think of what they wanted to paint on their shirts before they started. 

Mina immediately chose a Dolphin
(She took a long time to work hard on her shirt and it shows)

Ahren drew an 'Art' shirt with a hand going to pick up a crayon (pink thing). Good job!

Levi drew a sun shining down on a pink car that looks like hi s cousin Trista's car that he saw in Iowa.
 Jonathan/Seth....after many false starts and reminders to decide what to draw first then start drawing........drew a cowboy with a bloody hand and the word blood underneath it so you would know it was a bloody hand. The knife in the picture was totally accidental (or maybe Freudian) Needless to say he will not be wearing this creation unless we want to dress him up as mini-Dexter blood-spatter serial killer for Halloween. Fail.......


Reba said...

Does he get points for creativity? You may have the next Stephen King on your hands... :)

Mina's Mommy said...

Mina had a blast and she was so happy to be included in the T-shirt festivities! Thank you so much Miss Wendy! :)