Thursday, June 13, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Someone I work with asked me the other what my house looked like. They had heard me talking about the boys having lots of room to run, the deer, the horses, etc and were curious. Well,m here is what it looks like. We designed it ourselves and had it custom built. There is nothing formal anywhere. No formal dining room or living room. It is all open and sunny, with tons of windows on the back of the house looking out over our land. We can't see any neighbors when we look out the back. We love that!

The front view

Overhead view taken from a helicopter

Looking out the covered patio windows
the barn, the play sets, etc

Poor grass has taken a beating with the drought
There's our fabulous pool, in the shade under the covered barn patio. If it is in full sun, the water gets too hot to swim and the boys get too much sun. 

More out the back windows
The sand box is full of pea gravel. Cleaner and drains better and just as much fun.

What we see every day in our yard. We have mineral blocks and feed out for them. I know, you aren't supposed to feed them, but the drought has been very hard on them and we are living in THEIR space. They didn't invite us here.

Many babies each spring. So sweet....

How gorgeous are they?

And one shot inside the house - the laundry room. I will post more photos from inside soon, as i clean a room and can get a deceptively organized looking shot....LOL!

Last week the boys went to Camp Invention and had a blast. As usual, Mama got the most homework to do. With one day notice we had to come up with crazy hats. Out came the glue gun and voila, party hat! Levi's hat was covered with old CDs(Music Mogul) and Ahren's hat was covered with leaves and grass (Camoflauge) Thank goodness for glue guns and ingenuity!
 I don't think he ate any of the decorations....


Reba said...

Very nice house! LOVE all of the space you have. Good space for running those kids. :) Don't you love those "homework" assignments...for both kids and parents? :)

Tammy said...

Wow! What a gorgeous house! Looks like a boy's paradise!