Sunday, July 24, 2011

What NOT to do in this heat

  Most of you are also experiencing huge temps around the nation. Your high might not be the same as our highs but I still feel for you. If you are used to 80 degree temps then 95 feels awful. We are a bit more used to the heat, but still, we have our limits. Today hit 103F, not including the heat index. That hit somewhere around 110F.

  So what fun activity did we plan for the day? Why moving Kaytee out of her apartment, that's what! She can't move into her new place for 3 weeks so everything came home and got unloaded into the barn. Oh, and did I mention that her apartment is a 2nd and 3rd story unit? With outdoor stairs? In the heat????

  I did have a flash of brilliance and hired 2 men to help carry everything down and load it into our trailer. Too bad we couldn't bring them home with us to unload. That was all us. To top it all off, her room mate grabbed her sparse furnishings and fled without cleaning anything at all. Not the kitchen, not the food in the fridge, not the bathrooms, nor the floors, nor even take out the trash. I feel like dumping a bag of trash in her room and leaving it, while the rest of the house will be spotless. But I won't. Instead we started cleaning today and will go back tomorrow and spend the day finishing everything. Clean bathrooms, clean kitchen, clean fridge, clean floors, clean blinds, clean oven, clean carpets, clean everything. I think I inhaled too much bleach today because my sinuses feel like hamburger. So do Kaytee's. She was scrubbing and packing like a trooper today.

  Now we get to do it all in reverse in 2.5 weeks. Yep, yay us! Oh, you know you want to help! It's sooo much fun!!!!!!


Reba said...

Ugh. Not fun. I hate moving. And I hate cleaning after moving even more. Good luck! (Next time, try swimming instead)

Anonymous said...

LOL - I love your great sense of humor. I would come help if I could!


Amy said...

I found your blog last night and stayed awake until 1am reading back. I kept going this morning. I am in the midst of a long adoption story, too. Thankfully, I am living with my son in his birth country (it's required by law. They don't do international adoption.). Reading your story to Ahren (and ongoing story with PBJ--adorable name!), my heart breaks for what you went through. And it reminds me to be thankful that I am able to be with my son throughout the process. I hope one day you will have PBJ with your beautiful family, too. Oh, and I love your writing style. :)