Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Wait, it's mid-July already????

 Good grief this summer is flying by so fast! I just realized that I hadn't ordered the kid's school supplies from the school (conveniently pre-packaged and in-expensive) and now it's too late. That means I have to go find all the stuff myself, fight the crowds and go to several different stored to try and get everything. I am kicking myself!!!
  Everyone is good here. Still no rain, worst drought in history combined with record high temperatures. Water rationing and burn bans are in effect. Every day you hear of another fire racing through the parched countryside and pray it is stopped before it takes any more lives or homes. Thousands of acres have already burned and no sign of it letting up anytime soon.
  We spend our days swimming and holing up in the AC. So far no one has gone bonkers but it is only a matter of time before the kids can't take it any more. We try and do at least one big outing a week to help with the boredom. (Big outing might actually mean visiting the chicken sandwich shop for kids craft time followed by lunch....) We have also been setting up a lot of play dates. Ours are not the only stir-crazed kids these days!

We have some fun and exciting posts to share when I have time. One big outing for a birthday and one new addition to the family (No, not another child...LOL!)

Posts coming soon......

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Reba said...

Ahhh, you are teasing us with the whole news thing. :) The summer is flying by. It is hot here too, though I don't think as hot. We are under burn bans and desperately need some rain which I hear Florida is getting right now. One of my new ventures this summer is reading "Raising a Spirited Child". I am about halfway through and just feel so relieved to know I am not alone. :) The Connected Child is next on my list...