Friday, July 29, 2011

Life is Brutal

  Oh hey, there you are, the small group of loyal readers who wait for my occasional posts lately. Sorry, life keeps getting in the way. I love you, I really do, but all these small people demand my attention. Then there is that pesky full time job, plus house work and 5 acres to keep tamed. I never catch up. never ever ever. I even have dreams of dirty houses and the show Hoarders. No stress there!!!!!

  So, one HUGE change here is that I found a new psychiatrist for Seth. We spent a couple of hours there recently and have a whole new game plan. It seems that (no surprise here) that a traumatic background (as in lost families, etc) can change the brain of a child. It turns certain portions of the brain into large 'fritzing' sections when exposed to stimulus. Zzzzz...Zzzzzzzz...ZZZzzzzz. That portion of the brain that handles impulses is the temporal lobe. Often, the activity perceived in the child resembles ADHD. No impulse control, high activity level, etc etc.

  This doctor believes that by slowing down the activity in the temporal lobe, you allow the child to attain impulse control and also allow the brain to mature. He opinion is that ADHD meds work by sedating the  frontal lobes, which brings about a slower, more calm child. does not allow brain development to occur. Instead, you slow down the synapse pulses of electricity in the temporal lobe and give the child the chance to react rationally and accurately. They learn and grow normally and the trauma damaged parts of their brains HEAL. In a few years he will be NORMAL. That is what she told me.

Oh Great Succotash Limes!!!!!!!! Is that even possible? I hate to even get my hopes up. Normal??? How good is that?????

So 10 days into the meds and Seth is a different child. He has not gotten in trouble at all this week. He is calm, he sleeps much more, he is sweet and regulated and NORMAL.

I am holding my breath..........


Mamita J said...

WOW WENDY! I pray that it helps your little man. That would be SO COOL! And maybe they'll do a special episode of Hoarders called "Adoption Brain and Physical Overload". I could star in it too. :-)

Reba said...

Oh, wow! I am going to hold my breath with you!!!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Well good crap woman what is the med! Can I get a bucket full?

Seriously I just pulled my daughter off concerta and wow, she is doing so much better.

Diana said...

We've had the same experience here. I've never heard that exact explanation and I'll keep holding my breath and and holding out hope. I do know that the meds have been a God-send for my boys, though. He literally cannot function without them. He also didn't start attaching until we started him on meds. My older is on concerta and does quite well, the other is on adderal.

Lilith said...

I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you that this works!