Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness has nothing to do with basketball

The only March Madness around these parts is the out-of-control herd of small boys. There are no basketballs involved (I almost wrote no 'balls' involved and then realized that it could be interpreted a different way, which made me giggle. A sure sign early dementia has hit me)

Conversation in the car:
Boy:  Remember that place with all the planes?
Me:  Do you mean the airport?
Boy:  No, no, no, no the one Daddy took us to.
Me:  Daddy took you to see airplanes?
Boy: No, No, No, No the place with the pets.
Me: A place Daddy took you where there were pets and airplanes?
Boy: NO NO NO (getting very irritated at me) the place with the train that was on the road with the cars
Me: Planes, pets and a train on the street? (very confused now)
Boy: (now yelling) NO NO NO we just went there but you wouldn't let us ride
Me: (light dawning) Do you mean the zoo?
Boy: YES! (big sigh)
Me: (how dumb can I be, that was totally obvious) What about the zoo?
Boy: Nothing.

I wish I hadn't used all the vodka to make vanilla extract. Then again, that was probably a wise choice considering all things.

I feel like one of the Mama monkeys we saw at the zoo, with a small child clinging to her all day long. If one child isn't rolling around on top of me, another one is. They hang on me, sit on me, touch me constantly, play with my hair, stroke my face, etc etc. A little cuddling is nice, but I feel like I am their big security object (which I am). I know anxieties are high this week, with Spring break and all. I knew this was coming. Still, I am exhausted and grouchy and we have 3 full days to go.

Activities we have done this week: (Note: budget and behavior keep us close to home)

The Houston Zoo
The Dollar Store (twice)
made necklaces
played at the park
went out to lunch, restaurant had large sand play area (sand in the queso, yum)
The Children's Museum (we have a family membership)
went out to lunch with many other kids/families
martial arts classes
outdoor play, lots and lots, involving mud, mud, mud
played with the horses, fed them carrots
play dates with friends, Levi had an overnight outing
Ashley is here (YEAH!!!)
a little shopping
new DS games (, I love you)
67 temper tantrums, slammed doors, hitting, tattling, annoying behaviors, kicking, spitting, hair pulling, incessant yammering, fake tears, screaming, etc etc. Too much fun equals fallout.

Going to try and go bowling today. I am wondering if it is such a wise idea to hand large heavy objects to small crazy boys. Watch for us on the news......


Reba said...

Gotta love conversations like about the zoo...that is when you wish you could just peek into their little brains and figure out where the thought process was! We are heading to Spring Break next week but ours is shortened due to snow days. I am hopeful though. Without the added stress of being good for school, we just might all relax a little...

Jane said...

Oh I feel your pain on Spring Break. A Spring cold with low grade fever added to our fun. Your mama monkey analogy is SO right! I don't know how many times I've said, "Please stop climbing on me. Mama is not a jungle gym!" We were ALL happy to have our normal school and work schedule back this week!