Sunday, October 17, 2010

When Disaster Strikes

This has been a very challenging weekend. No, not the boys. They have been...well....normal. Instead I have been major stressing about something else. Something that hits close to home. Child care.

At the beginning of the school year, I had planned on being home with my boys 24/7. It's what my gut told me I needed to do. The doctors begged and begged me to stay, and my guilt and feelings of responsibility to the children I teach got to me and i agreed to come back to work in the afternoons. That meant i needed to find afternoon child care.

Our much loved sweet nanny we have had for 7 years is now not up to watching these very active boys, so we looked for an alternative. i found what I thought was the perfect choice. A small, new day care that was very homey and personal. I loved the people there. They wanted so badly to accept my kids, warts and all. It turned out to be really good, but not perfect. We worked through a few issues where they gave my kids too much candy and toys, but they meant well and they listened when I told them no more. The boys adapted wonderfully. I was so happy that things were going so well.

And then.....when I dropped the boys off on Friday they announced they were closing their doors effective immediately. As in that day. WTF? (Oh and many more expletives that I cannot post) It's only been 4-5 weeks. That is not long enough to get a business up and running. No way. They must have planned the cash flow based on a full load of kids on day one. We were screwed. Big time. Add your own expletives here.

So I didn't sleep this weekend, worrying how I was going to find child care, and not only just normal childcare but quiet, caring, special needs, make my kids feel trust kind of care. They Do Not Deal With Change Well!!!!!! More expletives, and now I am making up new ones cuz the normal ones aren't strong enough!!!!!

The end of this story is a happy ending. The daughter of our beloved nanny, well known to my kids and much loved by them, will start tomorrow as their new Nanny. OMG! I could kiss her on her lips!!!!! The boys are very excited about it, in a wonderfully good way. Thank God!


Diana said...

Oh, I hate it when that happens! Glad you got it all worked out, though.

Anonymous said...

mi nombre es rodrigo munoz
y quisiera sber que paso con el caso de PERI BRYNN.
Soy de guatemala
escribame a

Anonymous said...

Hace tiempo les ofreci ayuda sobre el caso de Peri, pero nunca se comunicaron conmigo y quisiera saber, si tuvo todo un final feliz, y si puedo ayudar en algo.

Rodrigo Muñoz

Karen said...

great news!

@ Rodgrigo, quien es usted y que tiene que ver usted con los ninos de Guatemala?