Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Upset the Apple Cart

Things have been really good around here lately. There has been a low level of craziness, but it is totally manageable. We have been on a schedule, week to week, and it is helping so much. It is really quite amazing and wonderful and many other nice words I cannot think of!

But......into each rainbow some rain must fall. Levi had Monday off from school and Seth had an early morning doctors appointment. We made the appointment and then headed to a fast-food restaurant and play place for breakfast. We ate (who am I kidding, the kids skimmed the food and eyed the play place) and then they played and I read the paper.

A few minutes later I heard a small child making a huge racket. Not just ANY child. My child. It was Ahren and he wasn't hurt or mad, just Even through the glass it was deafening and annoying. I looked in and saw Seth and motioned to him and said he needed to tell his brother to be quiet. He looked at me like I asked him to float above the floor and sprout a third eye. It was a no go. So I jumped up and headed around the corner to the door of the play place.

As I rounded the corner, I saw a middle-aged couple at a table there and the woman began to apologize. Picture me with a huge question mark over my head! What in the heck? Eventually I found out that her husband had made the comment " Someone needs to shut that kid up", when he heard the screaming.

This is where my survival instincts kick in. I laughed and said I was also on my way to shut him up. Oh how funny. NOT! But I laughed it off, and took my kids home.

I can't explain some of their behaviors. I can't make it seem OK to some people. Why should I? They are who they are. They are babies, for God's sake!!!! Who can judge a small child and be a good person? Kids need acceptance and guidance and comfort. Not judgement and chastisement.

I guess it is easier to laugh, walk away, and do what I need to do to make my kids a little bit better. Screw those other people. I need to stop trying to justify, protect and 'make' normal' what my kids do. They are beautiful, no matter what. God made them just the way they are and I LOVE that!!!!!!


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

HUH! That man clearly needs to loiter in restaurants that are not red and yellow and give away toys and provide a play place. Maybe if Mr Big Spender pried a few bucks out of you-know- where he could go someplace else. Jerk.

Diana said...

If only they knew...

I get really sick of it, too. I get even more sick, though, of people trying to JUMP IN and save the day without having any clue as to what the real situation is or why my kid may be acting the way he is. I'd welcome the rude comments from the sidelines...just freaking STAY ON THE SIDELINES!!!

Next time, thank him for volunteering to babysit :-) I've done that a few times. Nothing quiets a loud mouth faster.

Deb said...

heck- you should have been with us at our local red and yellow food/play area. The noise was deafening last night with 10-15 kids ranging from 1 year - 10 years playing (it was raining outside, so everyone was there). I am with Essie- the man needed not to be there, spring for a fe wmore buck or better yet, go to Wendy's or subway where there are no play structures.

Love and hugs,