Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Fallout

The new nanny situation is working out wonderfully. The boys already know her and she knows them. We let her use our extra vehicle to pick Levi up from school and run any errands she wants to during the day. (If she is brave enough to do it with the two little terrors in tow) The daycare called on monday and said they worked it out to be open at least to the end of the month and begged me to bring the boys back. I said No. They called on Tuesday again begging, telling me they had a potential investor on the line. I again declined, even though I have paid until the end of the month. I know I won't ever see that money, so why did I decide to do that?

Because I have seen the fallout of making a big change like that suddenly. Even though it is a good change, it still upsets the apple cart. We are seeing sleeping issues (or should I say NOT sleeping) lots of intentionally annoying behavior, hitting, kicking, tons of potty talk (thank goodness they don't know any really bad words...) and arguing over everything. I do not like the arguing. It is constant and non-sensical. This morning they argued with each other over what car ran over the dead rabbit in the road. None of us knows who hit the poor bunny but they picked sides and settled in for an epic battle. Seth said it was a blue car, Ahren picked black. I chose to turn on the radio and ignore them for the moment. I hadn't had my coffee yet!

This Saturday is the big joint party for Ahren and Seth's 5th birthdays. We are keeping the preparations low key. We ordered cupcakes, borrowed decorations, and although I have the stuff to make the gift bags I haven't started on them yet. It's all hidden from them. They know about it, but seem to be OK so far. Sunday will be the fallout day, and maybe Monday too. We are prepared.

I wonder if they still build fallout shelters? I could use one of those!

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Diana said...

Good luck with the fallout this weekend. We had MAJOR stuff the day after Matthew's birthday!

Fallout shelters...what a fantastic idea!! The best I can offer, though, is the Mom's Retreat in May. :-)