Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The ups and downs

Recently I reported that the boys were in a spell of great behavior. Well just like all things that go up must come down, so does the behavior around here. I know some of the reasons they have regressed. I have been working a lot more hours since we were in the middle of moving our office to a brand new location. Our dear sweet Nanny had knee replacement surgery and has been absent from our lives. The weather has gotten beastly hot and outdoor activity is severely limited.
So how has this manifested itself? Let's see. A shelf of keepsakes was torn from a wall, leaving holes and a ticked Mama. One boy has become an ever-present buzz of attention-seeking behavior. The constant nonsense questions, the demands to see what he is doing, listen to his statements and the cry of mommy eight-million times a day. i have to admit it annoys the heck out of me.
Then there is the LOUD behavior. Especially if I am on the phone or trying to have a conversation with my husband. We have had kids escape from the house, make horrific messes, and break many things. They have also been hitting each other, having many 'accidents' where they are hurt and blame someone else, and have 'accidentally' bitten and hit me. (Seriously, how do you accidentally BITE someone hard enough to leave teeth marks?)
So life is a roller coaster. I still love it. And I still love my family, every one of them. I am tougher than the RAD. Or maybe more stubborn. Finally that trait comes in handy!

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Diana said...

I too, love my kids to pieces...but RAD still sucks buckets!