Thursday, June 17, 2010

Awww Poop!

You will thank me later cuz there will be NO photos with this post. On Wednesday I had a pretty short lunch hour and I came home to help the teenage babysitter feed the kids. (Nanny had knee replacement surgery and is out of commission for a while)

As I was cleaning up the dishes and such I noticed a brown clod on the living room floor. Oh that darn puppy! I was sure he had had an accident and I was not happy about it. He had just been outside! I went over to clean it up, which was right next to Ahren who was playing the Wii....and I smelled more than a small poo on the floor. I sniffed Ahren and my eyes glazed over and my face turned green! Oh No!!! He had pooped his pants!!!! Do you know how much poo a 50 pound child who eats LOTS of food can produce?

I dragged him into the bathroom and got his pants off, smearing poo all down his legs. Sweet. What a mess. As I began to clean him up the darn dog came into the bathroom, snatched the poopy pants in his mouth and ran. Poo smeared and skittered everywhere, with the dog stepping in it and adding poopy paw prints as he went. Picture me chasing a wild puppy, poop flying everywhere, colorful language also flying everywhere. (OK, my idea of colorful language is the words "oh crap', 'Oh Dang', and maybe the 'S' word. (I am NOT gifted in this area) I caught the dog, cleaned him up and tossed him outside.

I got Ahren cleaned up, returned the poopy pants to the bathroom and shut and locked the door since I needed to get back to work. Later that night I spent a long time with Clorox wipes getting poo off of all the surfaces in the bathroom. The dirty underwear went in the trash. I know when I am beat.


Reba said...

Oh, my, what an experience! I am glad there are no pictures, though I do have a picture in my mind. I hope you did something nice for yourself after that!

Carrie said...

Reinforces the choice to forego carpet in the house!