Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spring Babies

Buster is a wonderful dog. Well ,if you ignore the potty training issues. He is still pretty young to train so we are being patient. He is just the sweetest, calmest, best behaved little guy. All he wants is love and attention and he is happy. Here he is hanging out in the boys tiny Sponge Bob stuffed chair. I took these two weeks ago and now he is too big to fit in the chair!

It's also the season for fawns. We are seeing a few, but less than in years past when the weather was nicer through the year. Still, I love seeing them!


Angie said...

That reminds me....whatever happened to that doe with the arrow stuck in her nose?

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

Such cute pic's!!!!ci

Reba said...

Love the pics of both babies!