Tuesday, June 01, 2010

More catching up

Our newest family member, Buster! No, hes not an english bulldog. Turns out the female dog had an hysterical pregnancy, no puppies. So we did some more research and decided a Boxer was actually a better fit. We found a breeder with lots of good reviews and went to see the last 4 puppies. This little guy climbed into Levis lap, rolled onto his back and fell asleep. The puppy picked the boy!

This puppy LOVES attention, is very calm but still playful and is doing really well at house training. BTW - Levi is not naked, just has on short shorts!
He climbs into each and every available lap for snuggles and cuddles.
He even found a big boys lap to take a snooze in.
Levi laid down on the floor and Buster immediately laid on him and fell asleep. Poor Levi was afraid to move and wake him up.
And yet another nap attack by Buster. He is adorable!
Our latest batch of tadpoles, about ready to sprout hind legs. You never know what you will find at our house!
Goodness from the garden. Hopefully we can get enough harvested before the serious heat hits and burns everything up. Its already been in the high 90s. Ugh!
Green beans, straight off the bushes and ready to blanch and freeze.
Ready for the Fourth of July. Gotta love Old Navy. Each outfit, shoes and hat included, set me back $14.50.


Elle said...

You thought a boxer was a better idea?! Woman you ARE crazy. Our dog is a boxer (with part english mastiff... the gentle giant HAH). She certainly lives up to her name, Busy. The dog is cuh-rayzee. Just break the jumping up habit early. They are notorious for that and being "handsy." Good luck!

Michelle said...

I had a boxer for 10.5 years and I miss her tremendously. She was a fabulopus dog. She loved to run with me and also loved to cuddle. With three little boys, Buster will get worn out and be mr cuddlebug all the time. My Tigerlily thought she was a lap dog. Thankfully she only weighed 42 lbs. Enjoy your baby!