Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Much Better

Things are much, much better now. The last couple of days have seen Ahren make a complete recovery and return to being a happy, silly little boy. He is finally eating the way he did 6 months ago and has way more energy. We had his post-op appointment today and his hearing is 100%. Yeah!!! He is like a new boy!!!

Now for a quick funny. As we walked up to the checkout counter at the doctor's office the woman asked us , "Name"? Just as I started to speak, Ahren jumped up and yelled, "Debbie!". She asks, "Debbie?" with a very confused look on her face, while I just laughed out loud! I kept saying he is like a new boy, I guess I just didn't know how new!!! I have been calling him Debbie all day.

Next step in the process of 'Fix Ahren' is back to the diagnostician for a round of follow up tests to see where his kidneys and metabolic processes are.


Diana said...

Glad to hear it! It sounds like Ahren literally is too! That is wonderful.

Hey, I forgot to mention on the whole baby thing, you may want to try it again, especially the baby bottle part, in a calm time. If he readily takes it, he still needs it. If he rejects it or you can tell it feels weird for him, you'll know he's done with it and didn't miss that developmental step.

Reba said...

I am so glad to hear that! I hope that trend continues. Things are good here (right now) too...however, we had a revelation this weekend with ours. Possible sensory issues. I guess we never stop learning. :)

Andrea said...

Yea for improved hearing! I think you'll find that some of the behavioral issues might change too now that he can hear. Sometimes kiddos get tagged in school as one thing, but in reality they just can't hear well. I hope things continue to improve with his kidneys too!

Recovering Noah said...

Wendy, this is COMPLETELY off topic. Sorry! I think I had your personal email at one point, but accidentally deleted all my emails a few months ago.

As a vision therapist, do you think the site is a good one? We can't afford vision therapy for Eli. He has prism glasses which helped 70%, but his doctor now wants him to enroll in a $3800 vision therapy program that we can't afford. They also used the scare tactic of "well, it's your choice if you want him to fail in school and suffer from low self-esteem". Our chiropracter suggested that site and said it might help??

Sorry to ask you this on your blog. Hope it's okay.