Saturday, May 08, 2010

Ahren can't catch a break

In addition to all the other things going on with Ahren, he has had constant ear infections for the past 18 months. He has been on many antibiotics including a 21 day course of a strong one that tore up his stomach. He got a bad infection a couple of weeks ago which we started treating within hours but his right ear drum ruptured.

He has not been sleeping well for the past few months. Is it his ears? A new brother? Night terrors? He also has not been eating. He just wants to drink all the time. He has lost 6 pounds. Is that his kidneys? A metabolic issue? He has no energy. Is that because he doesn't eat or sleep or because of his kidneys or metabolic issue???? You see why I drive myself crazy? I can't figure it all out.

I took him to the ENT and we had surgery scheduled within a few days of that visit. His tonsils and adenoids were very enlarged and infected so they came out too. They also patched his eardrum and placed tubes in both ears. And, as if that wasn't enough, he had a small growth taken off the side of his face right in front of his ear. I am so glad this doctor also does facial reconstructive surgery because the growth contained cartilage. He had to remove it at the bone and then stitch it closed. There shouldn't be hardly any scar.

We are hoping that this will allow him to eat and sleep better, reduce the number of infections he has, improve his overall health and improve his hearing. (He failed his hearing test) So far he has slept much, much better the last two nights even with the discomfort. Of course there are some pretty good meds involved so we will see in the next few weeks. He is not in much pain, is happy and smiley and is doing fantastically. Much much better than I anticipated.

Now we let him recuperate and then go back to the diagnostician to follow up with another round of tests. Poor baby. I just want to hold him and never let him go!!!!


Andrea said...

Poor guy. I am an audiologist, so if you need any advice on the hearing part of it, let me know. I know when I worked at an ENT's office, we saw lots of kiddos bounce right back after getting their tonsils and adenoids out. They can just harbor those nasty little creepy crawiies, and he never gets better. Hopefully with all that cleared out, he'll bounce right back and feel a gabillion times better!! Prayers for you all!!

Mamita J said...

Poor little guy. Hope this helps him to feel better.

I know how you feel about the complicated nature of figuring out what is going on. I run bazillions of scenarios through my mind trying to make sense of all her needs.

Love you much,

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Argh, so what IS the deal? What is causing the super concentrated urine and other problems?