Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Adopting Again!

Are you surprised? Us too! But you already knew I was crazy so this really shouldn't be a big shocker to anyone out there. What's one more at this point?

It all came about recently. We became aware of a young mother who, for reasons we won't divulge, is going to be unable to parent her child. She is just at the halfway mark of her pregnancy. The father is not in the picture. He left shortly after the deed and never looked back. He is reported to be a bit of a bully but that's all we know. Today she is scheduled for an ultrasound. We won't be finding out the sex until after the birth but we will know the important things like health, etc. Oh, and she is a very healthy girl. No alcohol or drugs.

The mother is not, um, how to say this, a great beauty. Actually she is a bit of a 'plain' girl. If the baby looks like her it is definitely going to be the kind of face only a mother could love. Now don't shoot me for saying that. It's the truth! She has a big underbite and kind of snaggly teeth. She is also a very stocky girl with a big head. She tends to drool, she farts a lot and apparently snores loudly. But she is a total sweetheart, very pretty on the inside!

We have been discussing names a lot. I think coming up with a name is the hardest thing. I am hoping for a girl and would love to call her Jenny or Daisy, but a boy would be nice too. I am partial to the name Drake for a boy.

I found a picture on the web of what I think our new baby will look like. Like I said, a face only a mother could love. I can hardly wait to bring this little one home!



Diana said...

You crack me up! LOVE IT! Happy nesting!

Ellie said...

Love it... BUT I figured it out when you said snaggly teeth!

But, heck... you know, if that mommy has quaduplites, you will need to get at least 2... Those kinds of kids need to be with a least 1 sibling! And yes, the SNORING WILL BE "RUF"... But they are SOOO LOVABLE!

Mamita J said...

You had me going, Wendy!

Have fun.

Andrea said...

AHAHAHAHAAHA! That was great. And seriously cute baby! :)

Deb said...

yes, you did. Congrats on the new puppy/sibling for he boys. I am sure they are counting down the days.

Love and hugs,

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

HA!!! That was a good one! You got me- and, I think you are just nuts enough (in a good way!)to adopt another person too. So that helped keep me believing it!

ManyBlessings said...

UGH you totally GOT ME!!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!! And she IS a cutie no matter what you say! :D :D :D

And now I have a question, do they REALLY do ultrasounds on dogs?!?!?

Princess D said...

Hilarious! Seriously. Too funny. I just couldn't believe you were posting all of that and was cracking up by the time I got to the doggy pic. Congratulations!

Angie said...

Aw, we had an English Bulldog. They are wonderful. Only thing is, they don't get along with other dogs too well. Even when raised with them. We had ours 1 year and then she suddenly started to attack our lab. We had to rehome her which broke our hearts because she was tearing into our lab. They were all spayed/neutered (we have 6 dogs). I hope you have better luck with yours, but it seems anything with the Bully breed in them, doesn't get along well with others. We had a BullMastiff years ago that we had to rehome because she started toattack our other dogs too. It is heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...

my sister has a 'bullie' and we just LOVE Patunia (yes, that's her name) to pieces! She is such a character!! Congratulations on your newest addition!

~ Gina, Mommy to Lucas