Sunday, January 13, 2013

Santa photos

I am still working on catching up here. My Mom reminds me daily that she hasn't gotten photos. Then my Dad tells her to hush up because I am busy. Hah! 

Here are pics of the boys with Santa Claus. Every year our subdivision has a special 'Meet Santa' party for all the kids. They have it at the golf course clubhouse. Santa rides in on a fire engine, then he reads the Night before Christmas, we sing carols and the kids get to sit on his lap and tell him what they want this year. Mrs. Claus is there to help out and all the kids get a present. It is something we all look forward to every year. 

Levi laughing it up with the big guy.

Ahren looking a bit pensive. He told me later he couldn't remember what he wanted so he just asked for a truck. That child has the most gorgeous skin. 

 Seth looking worried. Gee I wonder why???

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Anonymous said...

Seth looks so grown-up! And you can never go wrong with a truck. Thanks for posting.