Wednesday, January 02, 2013


  I was so excited to see the surgeon today. I would get my first glimpse of my hand post-repair, x-rays to see if everything was in place, and a hard cast that would protect my hand and allow me so much more freedom. Two out of three came true.

  Most of the swelling is gone. I have a lovely 2.5 inch incision down the back of my hand and a couple more poked holes where wires went in. My whole arm is still bruised and my fingers are black and blue but everything is feeling better every day.

  What did not happen..... I do not have any increased function in my hand. Instead, I have LESS function. I cannot lift, twist, pull, or place any strain on my hand. I am released to work with restrictions but I am not allowed to drive. that is huge.

  Essentially, I have figured out three things that I can do with my right hand.

1) I can point at something (so handy)

2) I can pick my nose ( not so handy)

3) I can flip someone the bird

  So tonight I lay in bed, feeling sorry for myself and scarfing down cherry vanilla ice cream. I have a lovely purple cast on my hand. By tomorrow things will begin to fall into perspective, but tonight I am allowed to be pitiful. Oh woe is me. I cannot even get my own pants on. This is going to get interesting.


Reba said...

So sorry. :( Things will look brighter tomorrow. But for today, wallow in the pity party. Sometimes that is a necessity for us moms.

Deb said...

I am sorry, I know your pain (ok, it was my foot). you definitely are allowed to eat lotsof ice cream- it helps with the pain. Sending you prayers and lots of hugs.