Wednesday, January 09, 2013

"A" Baby Birthdays

Yesterday was a special day. Ashley and Ahren both had birthdays. Ashley turned 18 (noooooo!!) and Ahren turned 7. It's hard having a birthday right around Christmas. They just got a bunch of things and that makes shopping for something special really hard. Ahren got a tablet computer and new shoes. He loves shoes! Ashley hasn't decided what she might want. I am thinking maybe some money and a weekend for us girls at a spa. There won't be many more years where we would have the chance to spend that kind of time together.

  Right after the school tragedy our elementary school had a very large police presence. A policeman stood at the front door, two more cruisers sat in the front parking lot and one in the back lot. There were police patrols thru the hallways during the day. I was worried my boys would be scared but they all said it made them feel safe. Now, after the holiday break, we don't even have the traffic cop that works the car rider line. What is up with that? My kids noticed and they are worried. They don't feel safe now. Good lord what have we come to? I don't even know which way is better, cops in the school or not. Kids scared of killers with guns learning how to hide and play dead? Teachers keeping the blinds closed and doors locked at all times? Backpacks made of Kevlar so they are bullet proof? I am so sad, so angry, and so confused.

Seth is continuing his slide down the rabbit hole. He spent yesterday in the principal's office for bullying another child. He pinched him, punched him, and screamed in his face. And this isn't the first time he has picked on this child. When Chris picked him up from school Seth told him he had a great day and was on green. Chris already knew the truth so Seth got to sit on his bed until dinner. When I got home we talked to him. He looked really scared so maybe he gets it, but maybe not. We are cracking down on him. No social events, no playing with neighbors, no play dates, and he has to go to bed early every night. We explained this is not necessarily punishment, but what we have to do to keep him from hurting others and to keep other children safe until he can control himself. he has been picking on Ahren, too, so Seth has to sleep in his room alone and Ahren is in with Levi. It will stay like this until Seth proves he can handle interaction with other children.

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Reba said...

I am sorry things are still rough with Seth. I was hoping after Christmas he would settle down. I know what you mean about the schools. As a teacher, this has been a hot topic...not fun. Tonight my five year old asked me what he should do if a stranger ever comes into our house...sigh. I will give our police credit though. They are still stopping by. And it does bring me both a sense of security and a little fear that we even have to have that. :(