Sunday, January 06, 2013

It's all good

  I had my moment to wallow in pity and then by the next morning I was over it. I have been at work and it's been good. I overdid it yesterday, though, and by evening my wrist was swelling and the cast was getting really tight. I took some meds and propped it up and it helped. All in all, it's not so bad. Plus I got a purple cast. Purple power!!!

  Seth has settled down and is back to his super sweet self. He went to camp this week and the routine helps him so much. Routine is the glue that holds him together. He got a little award at the end of the week for being the best helper and having great behavior. He has been a little anxious and it comes out in a need to know I am still there for him. He will randomly come to me and just lean against me for a moment or he will call out to me and when I answer him he says "I love you", I answer back and he is reassured. He just needs that little bit of comfort to know I am still there for him. If that is all he needs then he is doing great.

  Chris, Levi and Ahren have all had a cold this last week. That triggered Ahren's asthma and he has struggled all week with that. We have a new combo medication for his nebulizer and at first it really helped but this week it didn't seem to do much. He was taking oral steroids, his allergy meds and breathing treatments but he still struggled a lot for several days. He was exhausted from just trying to breathe. I think it's time to look at changing up meds again. He is feeling better now and ate everything in sight yesterday. He had two breakfasts, two sandwiches at lunch and a big dinner. Seth is usually my biggest eater but yesterday Ahren beat him. (go figure, the littlest guy is the biggest eater!)

  For Christmas this year I focused on getting gifts for the boys that would get them outdoors and active. The kind of things that we could all use together or they could use themselves. We got a huge sandbox with bench seats. We got a badmitton set, a soccer goal and croquet. The biggest outdoor gift, though, is named Rio. He is an eleven year old gelding. A horse! He is a Morgan and not real big. He is super sweet, calm and loves attention. I will put up some pictures soon. He is a doll and hopefully will be an awesome way to teach the boys about responsibility. They all love him but need to learn how to care for him and be safe around him. Ahren and Seth have been taking riding lessons for a while now, and Levi is excited to learn to ride too. We have horse trails all throughout our subdivision so we can ride for miles plus our acres around our house to ride around.

  I start my next semester of school tomorrow. It is going to be a bit challenging since I can't type well with only one hand. Chris told me he can get me a voice activated typing program for my computer. I am going to hold off on that for now until I see what this semester will bring.

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Anonymous said...

Can I come live with you? You have a pony!! And dogs. I'm sure my animals will love yours. Hearing about the horse brought back memories of those horseback riding lessons.

Happy to hear things are going so well.