Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Tidbits and odds and ends

I discovered that a layer of menthol shaving cream over foul-smelling waste in an un-flushable toilet completely blocks the odor. Bleach, on the other hand, only results in bleachy-stink.

If you hear one small boy say to the other in the bathroom, 'Want to have a pee fight?" it is best to move quickly.

Small people may have small clothes but they can generate an enormous amount of dirty laundry in the few days it takes to get a septic system repaired.

It takes very little yarn to knit a mitten for a small boy. Bits from my stash are rapidly becoming mittens and soon all will have winter hand wear. Of course by then winter here will be over. I wonder if I could knit swimsuits???

Levi has nicknamed our GPS 'Mayhem' after the insurance commercial guy. That guy just cracks me up. The first time I saw the commercial where he is on the floor of the car being the GPS I about wet myself. The part where he yells 'recalculating' after causing the guy to crash? Priceless!!!!

A fifty-pound boxer held by the collar while answering the front door is a great safety device. Little do they know I have to drag him there and am hanging onto his collar so he doesn't jump on them and lick them! The last guy backed up 15 feet when he saw the dog. Awesome! They should really be afraid of the herd of small boys that come rushing out the door. Now they are dangerous!

Facebook stumps me. It is a sure sign I am an antique. I have friends I want to connect with but can't figure out how to find them. I will have my teenagers help me this weekend. They will get a good laugh over that. Dumb ol' Mom. Hah!

No news on Peri Brynn but our gov't is still working on it and progress is being made. Hers is a problematic case and they are prioritizing the 'easy' cases first. They are also adding new investigators and workers to start fixing the problem cases. Woohoo! Still no guarantees, but we once again have hope.


Kim said...

Just have to answer one of your questions. Yes, you can knit swim suits. My husband's grandma would knit him swim suits when he was little. It really didn't work so well, but he was forced to wear them when she was around. There are pictures....and they are funny. :)

Reba said...

I wish I could help with Facebook. I am not an expert but I spend a lot of time little bit of sanity. :) I have been wondering about PBJ. Still praying for a miracle there!

Rob said...

I don't do Facebook either. I have been resisting. Staci is the resident FB expert in our house.

It was great seeing you and the boys Thursday. I can't get over how big Ahren has gotten.

If you are ever trying to figure out how to get a little boy talking, ask him about his favorite video game. Once I started him talking about the game, he was talking like crazy.

Looks like I dodged the bullet once again yesterday. Layoff round 4. Along with many others, we lost Carl, Yi and Adisak.
Heavy sigh...
Ack. That was rough.